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When I heard about the Screentex blanket I was skeptical. Hoever, curiosity got the better of me and I tried it. Needless to say, the blanket proved itself. I am using it at this very moment! I wrap myself in the blanket anytime I have an exhausting day, I feel a bit under the weather, I have sore muscles or want to relax. While using the Screentex blanket, I feel warm and relaxed, and after I have a very restful sleep. My son and husband like using the blanket too. We often snuggle together under the blanket since no wants to give it up.

Scientifically I am not the person to explain the healing qualities of the screentex blanket, but as a customer I stand by this product and suggest it to friends and family. I am suggesting it to you as I believe you will be satisfied with your purchase. The possibility to choose from a variety of fabrics allows you to personalize the Screentex blanket, which makes it special. Here’s to your health!

School Director (50 years of age)



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